Whittaker Chambers

Whittaker Chambers , born Jay Vivian Chambers (April 1, 1901 – July 9, 1961) also known as Jay David Whittaker Chambers was a 20th-Century American writer and editor.After early years as a Communist Party member (1925) and Soviet spy (1932–1938), he defected from communism ( underground and open party) and worked at Time magazine (1939–1948). Under subpoena in 1948, he testified in what became Alger Hiss 's perjury (espionage) trials (1949–1950) and he became an outspoken anti-communist (all described in his 1952 memoir Witness ). and spent his infancy in Brooklyn . His family moved to Lynbrook , Long Island , New York, in 1904, where he grew up and attended school. His parents were Jay Chambers and Laha (Whittaker). Chambers described his childhood

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